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Aude Lhérété-Bonneau

Born on July 19, 1963, Aude soon developed a passion for horses and studied veterinary medicine at French École Nationale Vétérinaire d'Alfort, 1987 class) before practicing  as a veterinary practitioner in the Desbrosse clinic for many years.
She  also worked in a company where she had the opportunity to build business skills in marketing, communication and management.
From 2000, she chose to stop practicing as a veterinary in order to   develop training activities, applied research, publications, mainly targeted at professionals in the field: grooms, instructors, coaches ...

 With Jean-Maurice Bonneau, they created the company JM Bonneau Conseil in 2007, their complementary skills making it possible to offer a wide range of services related to equestrian sports.
Aude Lhérété-Bonneau is in charge of the company brand "Haras de Saint Linaire", which specializes in the breeding and value -maximizing of horses.