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Haras de Saint Linaire

The Haras de Saint Linaire company was created in 2011 after Sarl JM Bonneau Conseil had settled in Vendée. It was set up as a branch of JM BONNEAU Conseil.
The Haras de Saint Hilaire owns breeding horses as well as sporting horses. It is in charge of all  activities in the agricultural sector, such as the tilling of the land, the production of hay, the reproduction of breeding horses, the monitoring of growing horses, the  management  of Sports horses, the buying, value-maximizing, and selling of horses.
Coming  from the reference LB Whitney broodmare, the young horses have Epsom Gesmeray, Diamant of Sémilly, Con Air, fathers.
The value-maximizing  process is carried out in collaboration with Vendée rider Eric Vigeanel.